Admissions are open for B. Sc. (Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Instrumentation, Microbiology, Environmental Science, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Information Technology), B. C. A., and M. Sc. - C. A. & I. T. (Integrated 5 Yrs. Dual Degree Course) of 2017 – 18 batch.    26 May 2017

Course Outline and Scope of English
Language is a dynamic intermediate in the whole network of social systems and disciplines in the superstructure of culture. Theorist and linguist have proved that language powerfully conditions all out thinking about social condition and processes, whether they be scientific or otherwise. Post-modern phenomena like globalized economy, increasing cyberspaces, ever changing technology and medias cape have made it obligatory for every individual to come to close terms with language skills.

The Department of English at NVPAS is zealously committed to strengthen students’ proficiency in English Language and Communication Skills in various forms. To accomplish this, the Department has developed various modules, which provide fascinating insights into structural, cultural and communicative aspects of English language. Apart from this, the college is constructing a state-of-the-art Language Laboratory with the capacity to accommodate seventy students at a time to integrate communication technology in language learning process as a way of enhancing interest and retention among students. In addition to the prescribed syllabus for B.Sc. and B.C.A. courses, the Department conducts an Orientation Program for the initial forty five days of the first term. This programme addresses the language needs of the students who studied in vernacular medium at school level and concentrates on elementary and intermediate principles of English Grammar. Regular use of Audiovisual aids and exhaustive task based exercises aim at grooming the speaking, writing, listening and presentation skills of students.

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