Admissions are open for B. Sc. (Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Instrumentation, Microbiology, Environmental Science, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Information Technology), B. C. A., and M. Sc. - C. A. & I. T. (Integrated 5 Yrs. Dual Degree Course) of 2017 – 18 batch.    26 May 2017

Course Outline and Scope of Bio - Science
Biotechnology is one of the most fascinating and fastest growing fields in the broader domain of science and technology. It has a vital role to enact in the areas of Agriculture, Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering, Pharmaceutical industry. A substantial growth of biotech industry stems from the release of recombinant DNA products in the market. Environmenta biotechnology helps to maintain heathad better environment. Development of transgenics, biopesticides, biofertilizers could pave the way to grand success in agriculture. Gene therapy, molecular cloning, biopharming, tissue engineering, recombinant vaccine, molecular diagnostic kits, designer baby etc. are its overwhelming contribution to modern biology. Successful sequencing of human genome will help us in the development of person specific drug / character.
Bioinformatics, the latest & hottest buzzword is the field of science in which biology, computer science and information Technology merge into a single discipline. Being the interface between two most rapidly advancing fields of biological and computational sciences, Bioinformatics is immense in scope and vast in applications. Bioinformatics derives knowledge from computer analysis of biological data. Bioinformatics is a rapidly developing branch of biology and is highly interdisciplinary, using techniques and concepts from informatics, statistics, mathematics, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and linguistics. It has many practical applications in different areas of biology and medicine.
Genetics is a branch of biology that deals with the heredity and variation of organisms. The mechanism of heredity eluded researchers until this century when they accepted the theory that offspring inherit their traits by the transmission of discrete units of information now called genes. The gene concept became more clear with the discovery that genes consist of DNA. The arrangement of DNA into chromosomes of eukaryotic cells makes it possible to transmit tens of thousands of replicated genes accurately. The study of genetics includes three aspects of genes; Transmission, Expression and mutations. Areas of study include both Mendelian and non-Mendelian hereditary diseases, genomics and mapping, Bioinformatics, developmental bio ogy, Neurogenetics, sex determination, cytogenetics, human malformation, and chromatin structure and function. Conceptual approaches to medically related biological problems are employed frequently with the aid of automation and advanced imaging techniques, towards the goal of disease prevention, control and eradication methods such as gene therapies.
Microbiology has gained new stature. Micro-organisms & their activities increasingly central to many of the concerns of society both nationally & internationally.

The problem of global environment, the recognition of the need to recycle natural resources, the discovery of recombinant DNA & the resulting high technology of genetic engineering these & other development have placed Microbiology in the lime light. Microbiology has emerged as the key biological science. Micro-organisms provide the model used in molecular biology for research. This research at molecular level has provided and continues to provide the answers to numerous fundamental questions in genetics, metabolism, cell forms & functions. There is a growing recognition of the potential of microorganisms in many applied areas. The ability of micro-organisms to degrade oil in oil spills, herbicide, pesticide, as an ability to supplement food, to produce energy &other uses of micro-organisms are becoming increasingly attractive.

Since the syllabus takes into account many frontiers of biology, the candidates will also be in great demand abroad. Some of the interested will also be able to do the doctoral studies both in lndia & abroad afler the completion of the PG Degree.
The subject of Environment Science is a multi-disciplinary one as it comprises of various branches of like chemistry, physics, medical science, life science, agriculture, public health, sanitary engineering and so on. Precisely the subject encompasses various areas like ecology, toxicology, pollution control and management, geology, geomorphology, remote sensing, wild life management, biodiversity conservation and conservation of natural resources, Biotechnology, Microbiology etc.

Recent faster growth in industrialization and urbanization has disturbed the natural balance of the environment and the results is unsustainable process of growth and development. Catastrophes like climate change, global warming, earthquake, desertification and coastal inundation are fast plaguing the individual and society. In the time of environmental science is therefore, precisely designed for training the youth to tackle with all environmental issues.

Environmental science graduates have multiple career options. They can work with different government departments and agencies like Forest and Environment, Pollution Control Boards, Urban planning, Industries, Water resources and Agriculture etc. Now NGOs working for environmental protection are a good option for environmental scientist. Private industries, refineries distilleries, mines fertilizer plants, food processing industries and textile mills employ environmental scientists. Environmental scientists also can be involved in research activities in public and private sector institutions. Environmental scientists also can seek employment in media as environment journalists. Teaching colleges, universities is also a good option available for environmental scientists. There are ample opportunities for successful placement, research fellowship and grants for higher degree like Ph. D.

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